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The Effects of Sins - Mufti Menk - The Straight Path Convention 2016 (Malaysia)
First Lecture at the Straight Path Convention in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. March 26, 2016. The ill Effects of Sin - Mufti Menk -Major and minors sins If we continue committing a minor sins it becomes a major sin. -Shaitan wants us to lose track of the afterlife. -The point of focus in your life is the afterlife. -Istighfar: seeking forgiveness from Allah. EFFECTS OF SINS 1. Fear When you do not fear Allah, He will make you fear the rest of humanity or yourself. "If Allah doesn't expose you when you were sinning, do you think he will expose you when you are seeking?" 2. Worry Narrowing of the heart. Whoever turns away from the instructions of Allah, their lives will be very narrow. 3. Sad Nothing makes you happy. If you are happy with the decree of Allah, it is test from Allah. You could have lost something but the condition of your heart will determine if its a calamity or a gift to you. There are people that are suffering with no food, yet they are happy with the amount of food they have. But with us we are unhappy with what we have. For example, when someone asks us, What did u have for lunch today? And we reply with "Oh just a burger" We should be thankful that we even get to have that burger. 4. Loneliness No one understands and care about them. Get up and get the link to Allah. There are people who live alone but never feel lonely, yet there are people who live among their family and friends but they feel lonely. 5. Everything goes wrong Find the solution of your problem with the owner of solution. When we are stuck, turn to Allah. Seek forgiveness. Don't say that you don't need to seek forgiveness even if you feel like you did not sin. 6. Doesn't want to engage in deeds that pleases Allah When it comes to salah, then we suddenly become lazy. When we are lazy to engage what Allah has instructed us to do. Don't do lip service to istighfar. Say and mean it. 7. We become shameless Going away from the modesty. Whether its right or wrong doesnt bother u anymore. if u do a sin in puclic and someone follow wat u did then u will have committed the sin even though u didnt teach the others to do the sin. 8. One sin lead to another Its nt easy to say u will do it once. syaitan will keep coming back and say to u "isnt it nice?" "1st time den one more time" know the trap of the devil. whatever has happened in d the past, leave it. You will feel a Powerful punch on ur heart when u did a sin the first time. the 2nd and 3rd time u will just feel some pain. Then the 4th to 5th time it will bcome a habit. 9. Dont enjoy worshipping Standing in salah but ure nt concentrating. giving sadqah cos u have money but u don't even respect the person u are giving to. 10. Heart become hardens When someone is reminded of the Quran and Sunnah the heart is soften. However, the ill effect of a sinner is that It is not touched by the hearing Quran or a Sunnah 11. Looks at good thing as bad Refuse to understand what Allah has reveal. 12. Resolve to seek forgiveness in Allah becomes weak 13. Allah leaves you Create a major sin repeatedly. but with just a positive word Allah will have mercy on u. When u walk to walk to Allah, He rushes to u. How can you walk away from Allah but still want e mercy of Allah? When u are driving and the road is clear u will speed up so you will reach faster. likewise for the afterlife, like driving to jannah; speed up your deeds. 14. Selfish You forget abt everyone else. 15. Rizq is held back bcos of the sin u are commiting. You always think u have a lot. imagine a person have so much but there is no barakah. u might buy something cheap and its durable, but u buy something expensive and everything goes wrong. 16. Forget everything that is benefical. ilm is a light. the light is taken away wen u sin. when u want to have good memory of wat u learn, always seek forgieveness. 17. Prohibited from the dua of the Angels and our Prophet SAW 18. Good deeds that u hv done will be distributed amongst other. Esp when u back bite. Extra 2 Points ~Real punishment descend on those who deserve it. ~Good death Quit the sin and turn to Allah. -Where have i gone wrong? Are u going to change ur life ? Change today! A winner is the one that will say it will leave everything today! -Allah has forgiven me; speak in the past tense. dont have the feeling of was was from syaitans' whisper. -Don' t lose hope the mercy of Allah. Islam is a religion of hope. Intro Nasheed: Joys of Life by Anas dosari Like Us on Facebook Follow Us on twitter: Subscribe to MuslimAkhi:
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